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Natural Soft face lift is an advanced aesthetic treatment regime that uses your personal fat or hyaluronic acid, which restores tissue in order to replenish volume and produce a lift.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck is an innovative plastic surgery procedure that is designed to eliminate surplus fat and skin on the stomach.


Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure, which creates a stiffer and more defined abdomen area by removing excess skins around the abdominal area. Apart from removing the fat, it adjusts and stiffens the walls of the abdomen.

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Breast augmentation should look natural, feel real and have a natural shape. Unlike the obvious boob job where it's easy to tell a woman has had surgery. Australia Plastic Surgery Sydney Group is one of the best in this business.

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Breast implants is to balance the shape of the breast, raise the volume of the breast to enlarge the cup size and more importantly improve a woman's self-image.

Friday, 25 May 2012

For Labia Reduction - Choose Labia Minora Surgery

For Labia Reduction
Many women are unhappy with the size of their labia minora (inner vaginal lips), which may cause hygienic problems, discomfort in tight fitting pants or swim wear, insecurity or embarrassment with a sexual partner. In reality, women have different labia majora and minora sizes. Although this is normal, some women harbor feelings of deformity or being abnormal, with loss of self-esteem when labia minora are enlarged or unequal in size. Most women do not want the smaller inner lips (labia minora) to extend beyond the outer lips (labia majora).

Many women choose to undergo labia minora surgery, in order to get rid of elongated labia minora. The main objective of this surgery is to decrease the labia's size through the removal of excess skin. This is conducted through Iris scissors, scalpel or laser. The choice of method is up to the surgeon's preference. Labia surgery shrinks the size of this area so that the inner or outer lips do not protrude as much and consequently produces a more pleasing look.

Labia minora surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia (although, local anesthesia may be used for some patients). The exact technique used is personalized and depends on the patient's anatomy. For some patients, a triangular segment of excess labia minora tissue is removed; for others, a gentle curvilinear excision is performed. Excess tissue on the sides of the clitoris may also be removed judiciously. The labia doctor ensures to avoid over-resection, avoid encroachment upon the clitoris, urethra, or vaginal opening and achieve as much symmetry as possible during the procedure.

No suture removal is necessary after labiaplasty as the closure is done with sutures that dissolve. Scars will be minimally or not visible after several months. Ice and surgical pad are applied immediately. Prescribed oral medications help diminish pain, but it is also important for the patient to wear loose-fitting clothing in an effort to not irritate the surgical edges. You can fully resume normal activities after two to four weeks after surgery, depending on the type of intervention that you have chosen and its degree of complexity.

For labia minora surgery, fully developed young women and adult girls who are in superior health are the very best candidates. Then again, patients with particular medical types of conditions are most likely not appropriate for this treatment. The procedure does not consequence in perfection, so be sure to talk about your expectations with a labia doctor.

Reverse the Signs of Ageing with Face Lift

Face Lift
Ageing is inevitable and as we age our facial skin loosens and wrinkles, as do the muscles of the neck. Weight fluctuations, heredity and sun exposure also accelerate the ageing process. Now, there are different types of solutions available to get rid of such age related problems. Face lift surgery is considered to be one of the most effective procedures to reverse the signs of aging and give back one’s youthful appearance. This is also known as Rhytidectomy and is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures all over the world.

Face lift procedure in Sydney generally takes a few hours. Under this procedure, the excess fat in your face and neck is removed, muscles underneath the surface are tightened and sagging skin is reshaped to give one a more youthful look.

Prior to face lift procedure, either local or general anesthesia is used. While general anesthesia is required for most procedures, local anesthesia is typically used for less intensive surgeries. The surgeon makes the necessary incisions to perform the Rhytidectomy procedure. The skin is lifted from the tissue underneath during the surgery. Scarring is minimal after healing as the incision is usually made just above the hairline. The surgeon begins the incision above the temple on the side of the face and then continues to the lower scalp during the typical Rhytidectomy.

Following the initial incision, the surgeon performs several different actions depending on the desires and necessity of the patient. The muscles are tightened and any excess fat or tissue is removed in most typical cases. This enhances the appearance of the skin and the shape of the face. The surgeon positions the skin back into place with stitches or staples and then wraps the affected area in bandages after the necessary surgery is performed.

Depending on what type of surgery was done, recovery from a face lift generally takes three to four weeks. Though, it's suggested that individuals considering this procedure ensure that they have sufficient time to heal with no external commitment. Actually, in the beginning it may be difficult to leave the bed. It can take up to a month to recover completely, and in rare cases, even longer. Since the incisions are made above the hair line, there will be very little visible scarring once the patient has healed. Recovering can be a painful experience, but pain killer is normally prescribed by the surgeon.

Not everyone is a good candidate for face lift in Sydney. The first criterion is the condition of the facial skin. It may help if the facial skin is loose or saggy. It also helps if the individual has a well-defined bone structure and strong jaw line. Although older ones have had successful operations as well, most people are between the ages of 40 and 60 when they have this procedure. If you looking for the best face lift surgeon in Sydney, come and visit us in Sydney, Chatswood, Parramatta. Dr Barnouti specializes in face lift surgery.

Labioplasty Sydney - Best Place for Labia Surgery

Best Place for Labia Surgery
The technical term for the procedure Labioplasty is labia. It includes decrease or altering form or restoration of deformed or lost part. It refers to a cosmetic process, which lessens the size or in some cases, alters the contour of the lips on the exterior of the woman’s vagina. It can refer to labia majora, which are the external lips, which are also the internal, or hair bearing lips, which are located within the external lips and enfold the vaginal opening, clitoris and urethra.

Labioplasty Sydney has changed many lives for good. Many females at puberty may see that their labia minora may be unusually large or have an unusual shape. Some women develop enlarged or hypertrophic labia minora result of aging or after multiple childbirths. Some build up varicosities in their labia majora following childbirth and some build up atrophy of labia majora after menopause. For several women, this may be a foundation of embarrassment, particularly for the duration of sexual intercourse. This can bring on a loss of libido and loss of self-esteem. If the extension of the labia called crura cover the clitoris it may also cause lessen in sensation during sexual activity.

Chronic irritation of the labia can at times build up, which consequences in actual embarrassment during athletics (spinning, bicycling), sex, and wearing bathing suit or fitted pants. Labioplasty is a small process executed most often in an outpatient surgical capability. It generally takes merely one hour. The process is completed with sedation anesthesia (twilight) or if the patient demands, general anesthesia can be used. If it is completed under sedation, a local injection into the operational spot is also finished. Talk about ahead of time, which approach your doctor at Labioplasty Sydney counsels and decide the one you have a preference. In current years, some doctors promote using lasers all through the surgery to cut down the labia size.

Labioplasty Sydney uses much safer conventional surgical methods. Following the surgery, there will be minor discomfort and swelling of the surgery site for a few days, which gradually decreases. It takes about six weeks to be completely healed. In the post surgery period, the patient is treated with pain medication as necessary and antibiotics. Application of ointments and ice is also recommended. Although few, as with any surgical procedure, there are few risks correlated with Labioplasty operation. Most generally, one is worried with the likelihood of developing bleeding, infection or scarring. These are exceptional, when executed by top surgeons in licensed and approved amenities. According to one study, four years subsequent to the method more than 95 percent of patients were contented with the conclusion of this method.

What outcomes from Labioplasty Sydney can be anticipated? The labia should look smaller and hidden inside the labia majora. The shade of the skin should be pink, as the majority dark pigment should be eliminated at surgery. After a few months, any uneasiness associated with wearing tight garments or sports, which was due to extended labia, is gone. Some women are concerned that a Labioplasty may affect their sexual gratification. This is not correct, because the clitoris is the female part most related with sensory contentment is not engaged or altered during this process.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Labiaplasty Sydney Can Help You to Change Your Life

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure to improve the appearance of the external folds of skin around the vagina and vulva. This type of cosmetic enhancement or correction is chosen for a variety of reasons. It involves the reduction of the labia to help it look more aesthetically pleasing and feel more comfortable.

A labiaplasty Sydney procedure may also be performed to repair the labia after injury or childbirth in addition to reducing the size of labia. The labia can become somewhat distorted after childbirth, for that reason this procedure is used to redesign the labia to its earlier shape.

Women also have the option of increasing the thickness and size of their outer lips, the labia majora, in other instances. There are also other reasons that may make you an ideal candidate for this surgery. These include, experiencing sexual difficulties or painful sensations during sex, pain when wearing tight clothing and even pants or undergarments, pain when walking, exercising or riding a bike.

Over the years, the labiaplasty methods available to surgeons have advanced radically. In earlier times, the surgeons used to redesign the labia through the use of common tools, but now they use of lasers which are more competent and accurate than the conventional tools.

Labia plastic surgery is done while the patient is under local anesthesia. Patients may experience some swelling and mild discomfort after the surgery. However, you can start to see and feel the benefits almost right away as these problems typically gone after a week.

Labiaplasty Sydney has grown in popularity over the last few years. Generally, this procedure is required for functional or aesthetic reasons. Prior to the treatment, many patients complain that elongated labia cause pain during sexual intercourse, exercise or during extended periods of sitting. This surgical procedure for labia is the most successful way of eliminating all of these problems in one procedure.

Do not hesitate in contacting your surgeon for a consultation on whether labiaplasty is the way forward for you if you feel that it could be the treatment for you to remove unwanted labia and re-shape them to a more aesthetically pleasing look. There are many benefits that can be linked to this procedure. You will definitely be happy with the results you will get, provided the procedure has been done in the right way and by a qualified surgeon. The woman's vulva is known to be of major concern due to the many things you might be prevented from doing or enjoying whether for beauty or medical reasons. Labiaplasty is a must do more so for medical reasons for relief.

Get Labia Minora Surgery - Boost Your Self Confidence

labia minora
No two women are built precisely identical and many women are not satisfied with the contour and /or dimension of the labia minora (which are the inner vaginal lips). In a lot of cases women have elongated labia minora or they may be rough or too outsized and cause troubles while doing definite activities as well as wearing tighter fitting apparels. For many women, large labia minora can be a cause of embarrassment and awkwardness and can even direct to setbacks in a woman's sexual life. For women with this trouble, the labia minora often stick outward and over the labia majora (which are the outer lips of the vagina).

Extended labia minora is a situation that is medically referred to as labial hypertrophy. The labia minora surgery process of labial reduction goes by additional names as well. Sometimes it is referred to as labiaplasty, labia reduction, labial contouring, labia minora reduction, female genital surgery and labial reshaping. This is predominantly an apprehension for young women who are often humiliated and feel that they are uncharacteristic looking and this can lead to high insecurity and be deficient in of self-esteem when it comes to having a vigorous and satisfying sex life.

Labia minora surgery is comparatively new but is becoming more and more demanded in plastic surgeons offices all over the country. Labia minora that are unusually enlarged can be a consequence of pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal transforms and array of sports. In some cases, a woman is essentially born with big labia minora.

Labia minora surgery Sydney if done by a proficient and competent plastic surgeon leaves no apparent scar. Healing in general occurs rapidly and shows marvelous enhancement in about two weeks time. This kind of surgery effects in labia minora that are slender and sleeker and are more contented when it comes to the outfits a woman wears and the activities she appoints. Most women who have this surgery are extremely pleased with the latest and improved contour and size of the labial lips.

It is essential to note that labia minora surgery in Sydney does not mean that the widened labia are cut off all together. In fact that is not the case. Instead, during this surgery the labia are reshaped, contoured and then reduced in size with as slight cutting as possible. No noticeable scar is left apparent on the outer rim, which also cuts down on potential complications and the level of uneasiness the patient experiences. The labia are then left with the natural pigmentation it had before the surgery. This leaves the labia minora with the youthful look that was there before the surgery was executed. Once sexual intercourse begins, again after the surgery it is not expected that a partner will be able to become aware of the fact that the woman ever had labia minora surgery at all. If you considering Labiaplasty in Sydney, come and visit Dr Barnouti, Best plastic surgeon in Sydney, Chatswood and Parramatta NSW Australia.

Get Back in Shape with Liposuction

Liposuction or Liposoft is one of the most popular solutions for people in Sydney Australia today, who have gained a lot of weight. Seeing unsightly fat on your body is the most annoying thing for everybody. This can be extremely frustrating, whether it is your tummy or your hips and thighs. It is not easy to get rid of that excess fat. Since everyone needs a little healthy fat in his or her meals, eating a fat-free diet is not the answer. Without killing yourself with major exercise or starving, liposuction Sydney, abdominal etching Sydney, 6 pack liposuction Sydney is the way you can get the body free from excess fat. There are few common places where people get this procedure done.

There are many women and men who get this procedure done particularly for the hip and thigh region. This procedure could be the answer you are looking for, if you are tired of having your hips and thighs jiggle when you walk. Doctor literally sucks out the fat from the area under this procedure, thereby making the area more attractive to look and feel. This way, you will not have any more of that embarrassing extra jiggle when you walk and you will feel more confident in and out of your clothing.

For some people, a double chin is awful and nothing irritates them more. You could still experience a double chin, even if you are in a healthy weight range for your height. There is no way to get rid of fat on your face unless you get rid of weight all over. You could really benefit from getting liposuction, if you are happy with your weight and but do not like the double chin.

The stomach is also a common point of frustration for many women and men, in addition to the hips, thighs and neck. It is a popular place where the body stores fat and, you know your tummy literally packs on fat and weight to help your body prepare for delivery of the baby, if you have ever been pregnant. You may be able to lose a lot of the baby fat, when you do have the baby, but could still be left with some extra layers of fat that just will not budge. In that case, you may want to consider getting lipo as an option.

Most of the people have issues with fat on their arms and if the thought of wearing a sleeveless or strapless top makes your cringe, then do not worry because there are many who are facing the same problem with their arms. You will never be able to get that toned look you are hoping for, although lifting weight can help, it may not be enough because of fat cover on the muscles. Liposuction can provide great results and it can help your arms get rid of extra fat. Extra fat can weigh your arms and skin down, as it can be heavy. The skin can sag and you can lose elasticity. Your skin can go back to its normal shape, by removing the fat. If you are considering having Abdominal etching, 6 pack liposuction, tummy liposuction in Sydney, Chatswood, Parramatta or Burwood, NSW Australia, Come and visit our top plastic surgeon Dr Barnouti.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Get a Flatter Tummy with Tummy Tuck Sydney

tummy tuck
Obtaining a flatter tummy is the dream of both young and old. One can achieve this by undergoing a surgical procedure named “tummy tuck” or abdominoplasty in Sydney. This is a surgical procedure, designed to eliminate excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and to tighten the abdominal muscles. This is also helpful to women who have stretched muscles and skin after pregnancy, or for those people who have lost a great deal of weight.

Healthy men and women who are at least 18 years of age are good candidates for tummy tuck Sydney. Candidates should have practical expectations, should be willing to maintain good diet and exercise practices, and should not use this procedure as a weight loss tool.

Depending upon the extent of the work needed, tummy tuck usually takes two to five hours. The surgeon makes a long incision from hipbone to hipbone, just above the pubic area. A second incision is made to free the navel from surrounding tissue. Then the surgeon separates the skin from the abdominal wall, lifting a large skin flap to expose the abdominal muscles. The muscles are stitched together to tighten the abdominal wall and narrow the waistline. The skin flap is stretched, and excess skin is removed. A new opening is cut for the navel, which is stitched in place. Incisions are stitched closed, and dressings are applied. A temporary tube may be inserted to drain off excess fluid.

After the tummy tuck surgery, the patient may stay in hospital or can be released shortly depending on the complexity of the surgery. Once at home it is the patients’ responsibility to ensure that all instructions given by the surgeon are carefully followed so that the risk of infection or complications is minimize and the healing process is speed up.

The complete time to recover from a tummy tuck Sydney can range from two to four weeks. The healing is dependent upon the extent of the surgery, the patients’ overall health and physical state before surgery.

For most patients, the results of their abdominoplasty surgery are going to be last long. Though, any weight gain later on can negate the result of the surgery. It is important for patients to understand that losing or gaining weight is going to critically affect the results of their surgery.

When all other efforts have failed, tummy tuck surgery is something that can help a person to get rid of excess fat. Though, it may not be the best solution for everyone. People who can lose weight through normal process or who become pregnant in near future are often advised to wait on their surgery. However, apart from its drawbacks a tummy tuck Sydney greatly improves physical appearance of any individual and can help to boost one’s confidence level. If you considering tummy tuck in Sydney, come and visit our top plastic surgeon, Dr Barnouti in Sydney, Chatswood and Parramatta.

Breast Enlargement - The Solution to a Beautiful Bust Line

breast enhancement
It is every woman’s desire to have fuller and firmer breasts. Quite often the size of breasts also affects the self confidence of many women. The approach towards the breast enlargement is often dictated by fashion. The size and shape of the breasts differ from woman to woman and there is no ideal breast size. Hardly ever are both breasts proportioned in women, and in most cases one of them may be higher or lower or larger or smaller than the other. The breast size, though, does not in any case restrain the ability to feed a baby.

Women’s breast size depends upon several factors such as age, weight, pregnancy, breast-feeding, and the genetic composition, the hormonal influences on the breasts and the thickness and elasticity of the skin.

There are several methods of breast enlargement, both non-surgical and surgical. Breast improvement creams, pills, and pumps to breast enhancement exercises and hypnosis are some of the non-surgical methods.

Breast enlargement surgery is a safe means of enhancing the size of the breasts. One should do a careful research on all the existing options before proceeding with the surgery. One should also look for information online. There are different experts from the medical fraternity offering their services.

One must be mentally and financially prepared to undergo the surgery. The surgery is also known as breast augmentation. It involves placing an implant behind the existing breast tissue. Silicone breast implants are inserted through a small incision underneath the natural breast and then closed with sutures, during the entire breast procedure. These methods keep the scars hidden quite well. Scarring fades with time and the breast appear natural in contour and tone but much fuller. This is followed by a dressing that is applied and left in place until post operative consultation.

Silicone shells are used on both saline filled breast implants and silicone gel breast implants. Saline implants are the most popular for several reasons, but one is that they require a smaller incision. It's less than an inch with most incisions done just above the crease. Rarely, the incision is done around the pigmented nipple skin, or within the armpit.

There are many positive effects of breast implant surgery. There's no greater way to give one’s body and mind a boost. One can return to normal activities in no time and there is no increased risk of breast cancer, autoimmune disease, or any other illness or disease. It also does not affect one’s ability to breastfeed.

The suitable breast improvement method should be chosen after consultation with a doctor and only after a careful consideration of all the risk factors involved. It is important to realize that pleasant appearance is never as important and priceless as life itself.

Boob Job – An Ideal Procedure to Get Attractive Breasts

boob job
In order to get attention from people, millions of women in Sydney Australia wish they had shapely breasts. Large breasts are not always considered as beautiful, however the breasts which are in good shape and in proper proportion to other body parts are considered as beautiful.

Breast enlargement is one of the several plastic surgery techniques in Sydney that is especially useful for those women who have to deal with sagging breasts post delivery and lactation period. There are various methods available under breast enhancement procedure. You should be aware of all methods of breast enhancement before you opt for anyone of them.

One of the oldest methods to achieve breast enlargement is usage of creams. It is one of the cheapest non-surgical plastic surgery methods for breast enlargement. Under this method, you have to massage a specially formulated cream on your breasts which in turn helps the breast muscles to grow. Those who have sagging breasts may get some help from this method. The sagging breasts muscles may tighten up with the application of the cream. However, this is less effective than the other surgical boob job treatments.

Usage of pills is another method for breast enlargement. Pills consist of herbs that are known to help breast enhancement and which have been approved by FDA. These are herbs that are used for centuries for treatment of sagging breasts. However, these pills might have some side effects, such as stomach upsets.

Breast implants are considered as one of the best boob jobs and some of the surgical processes under this technique are quite expensive. Saline breast implants and silicone breast implants are two types of breast implants. Compared to the silicone breast implants, saline breast implants last for a lesser amount of time. For enlarging breasts, surgically enhancing breasts is not a permanent solution.

After few years, the surgical breast implants requires replacement. There are few disadvantages of such implants; because of implants mammograms and other scans do not always show correct results. By making a slit in the bottom of the breasts surgical implants are installed; therefore, a surgery is always involved with these implants. The surgical procedure leaves a lifelong scar at the bottom of breasts. Each time you will require the surgery to be done from this place.

You can try out any or all of these methods for successfully boob job. Only the surgical method shows guaranteed results. Exercise can also be beneficial towards strengthening of breast muscles and women with sagging breasts can try this.

A lot of women with low self-esteem and low confidence levels feel good about them with the help of boob job. It is always advised that a doctor should be consulted especially if you are thinking of taking breast enhancement pills before going in for many method of breast enhancement. If you considering boob job in Sydney, visit breast cosmetic surgeon in Sydney, Chatswood and Parramatta.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Breast lift, Mastopexy – A Best Option to Get Rid Of Sagging Breasts

Breast lift or mastopexy surgery involves raising and firming the breasts. This type of surgery simply removes the excess skin from the breast and tightens the surrounding tissue which helps to reshape and uplift the breast curve.

The shape of a women’s breast changes over time as she ages and she lose her youthful shape and firmness. Due to pregnancy, aging, breastfeeding, weight fluctuation and heredity, these changes generally occur. The areola a darker skin around the nipple will also become enlarged with age. This can be reshaped with chest lift. Well shaped and uplifted breasts are a sign of femininity for women. When she loses the skin elasticity of her breasts it makes a great impact on her body shape. With a profile that is youthful and uplifted, such lift can rejuvenate a woman's figure.

Basically a surgical procedure, a breast lift Sydney remolds drooping breasts into the desired youthful shape. Sagging breasts are common problem for every woman and for this reason they seek to overcome this problem with its lifting. Before going for the breast surgery, you need to visit an experienced plastic surgeon. The surgeon will explain you about your desired shape and size and also tell you how the nipples and areolas will be repositioned. After thoroughly examining your breasts, he will take important measurements, and will try to evaluate the size and shape of it. You also need to share your medical history, and any unusual information about your health with the surgeon.

Many kinds of techniques are used for the mastopexy surgery. Depending on the entire structure and position of your breasts and the degree of ptosis, the doctor uses the techniques. Mild ptosis can be treated with either a crescent or circumereolar lift. A slight crescent of skin is removed from above your nipple, which allows the breast to be reshaped, and the nipples being repositioned to an upward direction in case of a crescent breast lift.

Either with circumereolar or a keyhole breast lift, moderate ptosis can be treated with two different ways. The skin is removed from around the nipple in the keyhole lift. A treatment of keyhole or anchor lift is performed in the case of serious ptosis. Skin is removed above and around the nipples and down till the infirmary fold in such lift. Either above or below the nipple, such kind of surgery may result in scars. In bathing suits, bras and low-cut tops this can easily be concealed. Resulting from such surgery this is perhaps the major drawback.

Across the globe boob lift surgery is growing in popularity. It uplifts your chest and significantly changes the size of it. Consider mastopexy surgery with best breast doctor in Sydney if you want to enhance the look of your breasts. Visit Dr Barnouti in Sydney, Chatswood and Parramatta NSW Australia.

Elongated Labia - A Thing of the Past

Labia reduction or labiaplasty is now quite a well known surgery among women who desire to decrease the size of their labia minora. Labiaplasty helps lessen the size of the obtrude labia minora, so they can be comfortable with their sexual lives.

Women in Sydney Australia general have a tendency to have elongated labia minora that are the inner vagina lips, which if protruding, are quite prevailing as the labia majora, which are the outer vaginal lips. In order to experience comfortable about their private parts, women at the present time choose for labiaplasty or labia reduction, as we know to deal with any such abnormality in the labia minora.

Due to any inconsistency or deformity that women see in the size of the labia minora, women experience that the ideal solution in hand is labia reduction surgery. Taking into consideration the cosmetic reasons that they have to choose for labiaplasty, is the wish to have a self-assurance boost to sexual life and reduce all inhibitions that hurdle limiting any sexual pleasure. The major feature these women are distressed with is the resizing of the labia minora, so that they do not stick out out the labia majora making them feel uneasy or mindful of their personal part.

What cosmetic surgeons asserted about the women favoring to make a decision on for labia reduction most usually has been their consciousness and nervousness towards their sexual life owing to their labia minora issue. However, it has been observed that there are medical grounds related with labiaplasty.

For example, some relate to an indistinguishable soreness at some juncture in sexual intercourse, some desist from wearing a certain type of garments, some stay away from doing exercises like running, swimming or biking, as they rub against the labia minora while others experience hygiene-related troubles since protruding labia has additional moisture and that results in yeast infectivity.

In order to deal with this efficiently, labiaplasty Sydney can be regarded as the most secured answer. There are many Sydney women whose labia are injured or to some extent wounded at some stage in childbirth or even because of an accident. On some occasion, pigmentation can also be an issue where the color dissimilarity on the periphery of the labia minora works as an excellent indication of pigmentation.

Labia reduction operation in Sydney is performed with prepuce lessening as well, where the additional fold of the prepuce tissue is eliminated. This tissue can be seen in the region of the clitoral hood, and the operation can be carried out on both sides. There are women who have either no or very minute prepuce while there are some who have major prepuce. An established fact about labiaplasty is that no tissue is ever eliminated from the center/middle.

The labia plastic surgery is only executed on the sides so that no harm is caused to the nerves. Only the additional tissues are eradicated and in place, thin sutures are placed in two-layer form, this is to resize the labia, which gets its problems rectified within few weeks. The price for labiaplasty is $4,900 inclusive of surgeon, anesthetist and hospital for patients who have private health care fund. Medicare so also refunds some of this cost.

Enhance Your Shape with Breast Lift

breast lift
Many women need breast lift as they age or recover from pregnancy. This procedure enhances and improves the shape of boobs rather than affecting the size. Quite often patients need a boost to their breasts rather than a full-fledged augmentation and for such patients, breast lift surgery is a boon.

You should find out the basics of breast surgery, if you want to have younger looking and in-shape breasts.

Some women find that gravity taking its toll as they age, while others have naturally sagging breasts. Especially after pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss can definitely leave its mark on the body. The main objective behind a breast lift procedure is to boost sagging breasts no matter what may be the reason for the droop. Normally, excess skin is removed during the surgery and existing tissue and fat is moved so that the boobs sit a bit higher than their previous position. This usually includes repositioning of the nipples. You also have the option to resize it too.

There are some side effects to the breast surgery, just like any other surgical procedure. Some swelling and bruising afterwards may be a likely experience that heals with passage of time. It is important that your doctor knows well in advance if you are allergic to certain drug(s). You might have a reaction to the anesthesia used. You will most likely have some scarring that is only visible up close and some numbness and discomfort in the affected area should be expected.

It depends on your career although most women can return to work in about a week after breast lift. If your job demands strenuous activity or heavy lifting then you should take about a month off so that your breasts can completely heal, It could take over a year to be a lot less noticeable than just after the procedure, although your breast scars should heal a bit during this time. In general, your recovery process should go smoothly, as long as you choose an experienced surgeon and follow his or her directions.

You can start going through the benefits that breast surgery offers, once you've found a surgeon of your liking, now's the time when you realize this procedure is a real possibility. For instance, after the procedure, you will immediately see a change in your chest for the better. You will achieve a tighter, youthful figure. Since you are comfortable with your new chest, you may have the confidence to wear tighter-fitting or more revealing clothing. Getting a lift can do a world of good for your overall self-image, if you had a baby and nursed for a while.

Schedule a consultation along with a local surgeon, if you are still interested in getting a breast lift after learning the basic information. This way, you can also find out if you are a good candidate, although you cannot only learn more about the surgery. You can start making decisions regarding the surgery, as well as preparing for the recovery period, once you have talked to your doctor about the specifics. In general, this procedure can go as smoothly as possible with proper preparation and knowledge.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Get Rid of Large Ear with Prominent Ear Surgery

ear surgery
Bat ear can cause a child to be the subject of ridicule and shame but luckily there is an ear surgery called otoplasty or ear pinning which can correct these problems.

Otoplasty is most commonly performed to address the problem of the ears protrude from the side of the head. It can also correct defects, re-sculpt and shape the ears and reduce the overall size. In order to achieve symmetry and facial balance normally both ears will have to be operated. The cartilage is particularly soft and malleable in children that allow easier manipulation. In case of adults, as they have firmer cartilage it may cause some reshaping restrictions.

The patient is put under general anesthesia and a small incision is made in the crease behind the ear that is between the outer edge of ear and head during the operation. Cartilage and skin is either reshaped or removed, and stitched back into place whenever needed. The procedure normally lasts anywhere from two to five hours depending on the extent of the surgery.

About their child's feelings on bat ear most plastic surgeons recommend parents to stay alert. Doctors advice parents not to put any undue pressure over the children until they want to do it. Children might find the recovery process more difficult in comparison to adults. Sleeping positions will have to be adjusted in order to accommodate the ears because no pressure can be applied to the area for up to two weeks. After ear surgery, dressing will be applied for the first few days. Especially in the case of children, plan for at least three weeks off before returning to normal activities.

There are minimal risks involved and the signs of bat ear surgery are nearly invisible although the recovery period might be daunting. In some rare cases hematoma has occurred. Since the incision is placed at the fold behind the ear, no one will be able to see it so excessive scarring is uncommon. No one will even suspect that you had any surgery at all as the results are usually very subtle.

In many cases, adult patients seek otoplasty surgery. Ear pinning in Sydney is often combined with other facial plastic surgery procedures, such as rhinoplasty or face lift surgery in such cases. Whereas small children may require a general anesthetic, one benefit to performing ear reshaping surgery in adults is that the procedure is easily tolerated with only oral sedation or mild IV sedation.

Resulting in confidence and raised esteem ear pinning can make huge improvements in both children and adults. It is important to educate your child about the procedure and have them involved in the process if you are considering surgery for them. Be prepared to take the necessary time off to assist your child in the recovery process and ensure that both you and your child's expectations from the outcome are realistic. If you considering ear pinning in Sydney, visit plastic surgeon Sydney in chatswood and Parramatta nsw Australia.

Liposuction – An Easy Way to Remove Unwanted Fat from Your Body

Unwanted fat
Liposuction, also called as “lipo”, is one of the most distinctive cosmetic surgical procedures world over. Out of the total number of cosmetic surgeries carried out all over the world, the highest numbers of plastic surgeries are lipo surgeries. It reshapes and it slim areas of the body by removing excess deposits of fat. This is a procedure that can take care of fatty areas that look uneven and that do not respond to diet and/or exercise.

One can reduce fat in the thighs, arms, hips, neck, chin, cheeks, waist, back, chest, calves, ankles, and inner knee with the process of liposuction. This procedure can also be useful in decreasing hereditary fat that has not responded to fitness and diet. Furthermore, this procedure assists in weight loss and improves self-confidence of the individual undergoing the surgery. The medical procedure involves suctioning out fat cells, which is done by a qualified plastic surgeon. This procedure can contour different parts of your body by giving it an ideal shape. It is not a remedy for general obesity. People undergo this procedure for many different reasons.

There are several types of liposuction procedures. These include the dry technique, the wet technique, ultrasonic, laser, etc. At the time of your consultation, your surgeon will discuss the technique that is most suitable for your body type. Essentially, the procedure is performed with an instrument called as “Cannula”. It is a long tube that the surgeon moves back and forth under the skin to dislodge the fat and is then attached to a powerful suction device that suctions the fat out of the body. The cannula is inserted through tiny incisions in the skin made by the surgeon. The surgeon will be able to tell you exactly where the incisions will be placed during your consultation.

This procedure is ideal for women and men who are at, or close to, their ideal body weights. The lipo procedure is also useful for those people who have got fat cells concentrated at specific body parts. A full evaluation and thorough discussion with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in cosmetic surgery is recommended to determine if this procedure is right for you, and if so, what techniques will be the best.

If you have severe heart problems, blood clotting disorders or are pregnant, you are not a good candidate for this procedure. Diabetes or immune system disorders may also pose difficulty for undergoing this surgery. This procedure would not work well for you if you have scar tissue in the area to be treated. Scar tissue below the skin may make it difficult or impossible to suction the fat in that area, leading to uneven contours after surgery.

Liposuction surgery is a complicated medical procedure which requires the opinion of experienced plastic surgeon. It is very important that patients considering this type of surgery thoroughly think of their decision and discuss it with a specialist.

Get the Look You Always Desire with Plastic Surgery Sydney

People across the globe are searching for good plastic surgeons to fulfill their respective beauty needs. However, some of the surgical procedures are done for medical reasons, and are known as reconstructive surgeries. Regardless the reason for undergoing these procedures, the number of surgeries is on the rise all over the world. In recent times, Sydney has become the preferred destination for plastic surgery. Many people around the world prefer to undergo plastic surgery in Sydney.
Plastic surgery Sydney has wide-reaching consequences. It does not just alter the physical attributes of an individual; it also gives the patient a morale boost. Thus, the benefits of this procedure are both external and internal. The physical and external benefits are quite evident. The entire body acquires a more proportional and balanced look after the surgery is performed at any of the body parts.
As a result of the physical change, people feel and look better and that ultimately transform their way of living and overall attitude towards life. They tend to become more active in their social spheres as the new look provides them with additional confidence.
In several cases, plastic surgery Sydney has to be resorted to because of medical conditions. Reconstructive surgery is a type of plastic surgery that includes microsurgery and is generally focused on rectifying the negative effects of any disease, trauma, accident, or surgery. It includes concealing of defects by moving tissue from other parts of the body to the place where reconstruction has to be done. Breast reconstruction, for those who have undergone a mastectomy, as well as cleft lip and palate surgery are common examples of reconstructive surgeries. This kind of surgery also includes several reduction procedures that have to be done to treat orthopedic problems.
A successful plastic surgery Sydney more often than not depends on how appropriately the task of selecting plastic surgeon is undertaken. Often people select a plastic surgeon based on the advices given by any of the relatives or friends or may be recommended by the family physician. Alternatively, several people resort to the search engines to find out the best plastic surgeon around their place of residence. It is essential to get as much information as possible while selecting your plastic surgeon.
An experienced, talented, and well trained plastic surgeon Sydney can often do miracles with your physical appearance and eternal beauty. The right plastic surgeon can turn any surgery into a wonderful experience with a successful outcome. That is why, for a successful plastic surgery procedure, you need an expert plastic surgeon Sydney.

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Feel Trouble Free with Labia Majora Surgery

Feel Trouble Free
Labia majora surgery is a small surgical process, which can offer excellent outcome for those who feel troubled by having too large labia majora (outer vaginal lips). Even though often too humiliated to admit it, many women experience great distress from extended labia majora (outer vaginal lips). For some, it's a subject of physical distress, as the surplus skin of the labia protrudes further than with most women, causing pain all the way during normal daily events, such as sporting activities or even when be dressed in tight pants.

In other cases, the difficulty is more of an aesthetic nature. Women with drooping or swollen labia majora may feel embarrassed and unappealing during sexual intercourse, causing low self-respect. There are various reasons that causes extended labia. For some the state occurs subsequent to pregnancy. In some other cases, imbalance in hormone secretion may be the reason; at times even sports can have an effect on the genitalia. Some are born with extended labia. Whether the problem is psychological, physical or both, labia majora surgery is a small, yet life altering method for those that suffer from this condition. Completely developed, emotionally stable and fit women with realistic expectations may also come across such problems.

The process differs according to the individual patient's condition and requirements. Most commonly, the surgeon will simply get rid of parts of the outer labia to stiffen up the skin and decrease the size. He or she may also use liposuction if the outer vaginal lips are very full/puffy. In some cases, parts of the inner vaginal lips will also be do away with in order to decrease the overall size. The labia majora surgery generally takes about 1-2 hours.

The operation is usually carried out under general anesthesia, but it can also be completed with local sedation. The region often becomes puffed-up for a week subsequent to surgery, which may lead to distress even while urinating. Pouring or Showering lukewarm water over the region while urinating may lessen the soreness. There is a threat of side effects from the anesthetic employed, along with poor wound healing, bleeding, blood accumulation and a poor cosmetic effect. No type of surgical treatment is hazard free, even though severe complications are very uncommon.

The patient will generally feel tired and sore during the subsequent couple of days after labia majora surgery, and it is recommended to get ample of bed-rest throughout the first week. It is essential to maintain a good hygiene, implying two showers a day. However, the patient will have to remain for 24 hours after the surgical procedure prior to showering. It is also significant to wear loosely fitted underwear during the initial 2 weeks after surgery. Tampons may be worn in the region of 6 weeks after surgery. The patient can regularly go back to work within the subsequent week after surgery. Arduous activities can be resumed after 2-3 weeks, depending on the individual patient's curing process. Vaginal intercourse may be taken up again after 6-7 weeks after labia majora surgery.

Get Rid of Enlarged Labia Minora with Labiaplasty

Labia Minora with Labiaplasty
Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that rectifies an apparently unattractive labial appearance by reducing the outer folds of the labia minora, the tissue surrounding the vulva of the vagina. This operation is done for aesthetic reasons, medical purposes or due to combination of both reasons.

There are several reasons for larger labia minora. It may be genetic and a normal variant from birth. It may also cause due to chronic irritation or persistent manual stretching, childbirth and hormone manipulation in infancy.

Labia minora surgery is a comparatively minor procedure in which the unnecessary labia minora tissue is removed. Women may want labia minora reduction for aesthetic reasons, to prevent interference with sexual intercourse, for comfort or hygienic reasons or to relieve chronic irritation.

Depending on the severity and complexity of the case, the procedure may be performed under a local or general anesthesia. Most labiaplasty procedures are performed by removing the excess tissue and over-sewing the raw edge. This technique restores the natural contour and normally darker pigmented labial border with an unnatural and irregular scar line of more lightly colored inner labial tissue.

An advanced technique preserves the normal contour and color of the labia minora edge. Re-approximation of the normal labia minora edges is allowed when the excess skin is removed in a way that allows it to happen. After one heals, detecting the surgery is near impossible, as normal appearing labia minora remains.

Care is taken to avoid over-resection or trimming of the labia and to avoid hindrance with the clitoris and the urethral opening. The sensible reduction of the labia minora serves to improve the physical discomfort and sexuality of the patient. Internal dissolvable sutures are used after labia surgery and incisions are minimal and discrete. Sensitivity is normally unaffected.

Patients may experience some swelling and mild discomfort after the labia surgery. Though, these are gone after a week or two. The healing time generally ranges from three days to a few weeks.
Labiaplasty is growing in popularity over the last few years. Most patients request this procedure for functional or aesthetic reasons and many complain that elongated labia causes pain during exercise, sexual intercourse, or during extended periods of sitting.
It’s recommended that you research the plastic surgeons in your area and meet with them for a consultation if you're considering a labia minora surgery. Not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure, and it's important that you do your homework prior to having this procedure done.

Improve Your Self Esteem with Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery has brought revolutionary changes in the world we live in. It has made several impressive medical breakthroughs when it comes to guiding people past disfiguring diseases and injuries and back into a normal way of life and in helping people every day overcome and improve their self esteem by giving them the bodies and faces they always wanted. Breast augmentation is the most popular form of plastic surgery. This is an interesting and ubiquitous surgery and there few things you should know.

There are four basic breast enlargement techniques commonly used all over the world. The basic premise of the operation is to add some substance to the current state of the patient's breasts. This process is practiced by plastic surgeons. The use of implants is necessary for the operation to be a success. The main difference among the techniques is places where the incisions are made.

Under Transumbilical technique, an incision in the navel is made for the implants to be inserted. It usually does some damage on the tissues and glands of the breasts, therefore this is not a common technique. The affect of breast milk production as well as the sensitivity of the area can be compromised, even though the damage can be kept to a minimum. Inframammary is method of breast augmentation where incisions are made just underneath the breasts. Due to them being made in the crease of the chest to the bosom, these cuts are rendered unnoticeable. Placing it above the muscle has a greater negative effect on milk production and the sensation of the area.

Transaxillary is a method of breast enlargement where the incision is made close to the armpit and the chest is one with the least possibility of scarring. The implant is usually under the muscle and this presents minimum scarring. The milk flow takes place with less disruption making breast-feeding more viable for future children. Studies have shown that the risk of the sac filled with saline or silicone from leaking or deflating also reduces with this kind of placement.

Periareolar breast augmentation technique causes most damage to the glandular tissues and the nerves around the mammary glands. Be able to go through the tissues and nerves, the incision is made around the areola, deep enough. Through the hole made, the implants are inserted and stuck deep enough into the breast. This affects how sensitive the area is to touch and other stimuli and on the production of milk supply.
The final decision for the breast enlargement technique to be followed is influenced by patient's preferences and how the doctor explains each procedure to same. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each method, the doctors must be clear. You as a patient should be clear about all these techniques and opt for the right one. Visit Breast cosmetic surgeon Dr Barnouti in Chatswood, Parramatta and Sydney NSW Australia if you considering Breast enlagement.