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Natural Soft face lift is an advanced aesthetic treatment regime that uses your personal fat or hyaluronic acid, which restores tissue in order to replenish volume and produce a lift.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck is an innovative plastic surgery procedure that is designed to eliminate surplus fat and skin on the stomach.


Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure, which creates a stiffer and more defined abdomen area by removing excess skins around the abdominal area. Apart from removing the fat, it adjusts and stiffens the walls of the abdomen.

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Breast augmentation should look natural, feel real and have a natural shape. Unlike the obvious boob job where it's easy to tell a woman has had surgery. Australia Plastic Surgery Sydney Group is one of the best in this business.

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Breast implants is to balance the shape of the breast, raise the volume of the breast to enlarge the cup size and more importantly improve a woman's self-image.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tummy Tuck - Best Option to Shade Extra Fat

People nowadays are quite figure-conscious. As a result, the requirement and popularity for cosmetic surgery has increased manifold. Abdominoplasty, generally known as tummy tuck in Sydney, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that gets rid of surplus fat and skin from a patient's abdomen. It also brings back loosened muscles, imparting a trimmer and firmer appearance. You may not know that even individuals who have an otherwise regular body weight can grow a loose and sagging abdomen. Some of the general causes behind this happening include - pregnancy, aging, inheritance, and any prior surgery. Let’s discuss some of the fundamental things that you should know before undergoing abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.

More and more people find that they can restructure their body with diversified procedures available in the market place that also includes tummy tuck. Whether it is from natural aging, weight loss, or pregnancy, people want to get rid of abdominal fat for variety of reasons. Tummy tuck surgeries can greatly help in this regard. However, not everybody in Sydney knows the different types of method that is practiced.

There is common perception that a procedure like abdominoplasty and liposuction are all the same, which is not true. While the two procedures might seem alike, they are quite different. Liposuction Sydney involves removal of fat deposited in between the skin and abdominal muscles without removing any saggy skin that might come up as a resultant of removed fat. However, tummy tuck is a more extensive procedure that ensures removal of both the fat deposits and loose skin found in the abdominal area for women and men living in Sydney.

You have to consult with the cosmetic doctor in Sydney to know which of these procedures are better for your body type. The cosmetic surgeon should be able to guide you in opting for either of these treatments. Basing on the surgeon’s advice, you should be able to make your call.

The cosmetic doctor may ask you many diverse questions regarding your medical history, any pursuing medication, and any pursuing disease. You should have your own list of queries that you can ask the doctor during your consultation sessions. You can ask about the recovery time for abdominoplasty and liposuction method in Sydney, and the anticipated result through the healing process. In addition, you can also ask about the cost and time that you need to spend in the hospital recuperating, after the tummy tuck or liposuction procedure. While tummy tuck costs almost double that of liposuction, the resulting effect is better. Tummy tuck cost in Sydney is $7,900 inclusive of everything for patients who have health fund cover. The recovery period for liposuction is lesser than that in abdominoplasty. You need to take a rational decision after considering all these different aspects.

Eliminate Excess Fat with Advanced Liposuction Technique

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure commonly in use in to eliminate excess fat from all different body parts especially from the abdominal region. It is also called as lipoplasty, suction lipectomy, liposculpture or fat suction in Sydney. Generally, the fat is eradicated from thighs, chin, buttocks, love handles (abdomen), breasts and stomach for women and chin, waist, breasts and buttocks for men under this process. This surgical practice is not a substitute to exercise and dieting and it should be used only to take away the stubborn fat that does respond to regular exercising and dieting. This technique is not at all a weight loss method but a technique to remove excess fat. Generally, 5-15 pounds of fat is taken out under a standard liposuction procedure. However, taking out of huge amounts of fat can be hazardous at times.

There are many kinds of liposuction technique performed in sydney these days like traditional liposuction, tumescent liposuction, ultrasound liposuction, super wet liposuction. All these techniques employ a cannula (a blunt straw like tube) for suction of fat. Saline water is injected into the space stuck between muscle and fat to break them up. If the quantity of saline water is not as much of as that of the amount of fat to be removed, then it is called as “traditional lipo”. If the saline water is 3 to 4 times the volume of fat to be eliminated, then it is called as “tumescent lipo”. Adding additional water helps the cosmetic doctor in moving the cannula back and forth to disintegrate the fat cells. However, surplus water may have an effect on the homeostasis of the body. Under the super wet lipo, the quantity of saline water is same as that of quantity of fat to be removed. This is the most admired surgical technique used by surgeons in sydney.

The fat is initially liquefied through ultrasound under ultrasonic lipo before being suctioned out. However, ultrasound techniques are not well liked as they sometime lead to necrosis (death of skin) and seromas (collection of yellow fluid in pockets). Under all different kinds of methods, either local anesthesia or general anesthesia is used. The standard anesthetic that is in use is lidocaine. Epinephrine is also used under this method to minimise blood loss. To carry out this method the patient must be over 18 and in excellent health with elastic skin. If the skin is not adequately elastic, the surplus skin may have to be eliminated after lipo. The process under which surplus skin is removed from abdomen is called as abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.

Diabetics and patients taking regular dosages of antibiotics are advised not to undergo any kind of lipo procedure. Before operation the patient should not take any anticoagulants like warfarin, phenindione etc. If general anesthesia is given, the patient has to fast on the night before the operation. If local anesthesia is given, there is no prerequisite of fasting. Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited pre and post operation.

The incisions are generally less than an inch in diameter. After operation, the surplus fluid takes days to weeks to drain out. Antibiotics and/or painkillers can be resumed during this phase. Patient recovery time varies from few days to a couple of months. As with all other different kinds of csmetic surgeries, there are surgical threats in liposuction as well. There are negligible risks, up to 0.7%, of side effects like internal organs being scraped, seromas, necrosis, bleeding etc.

Liposuction in Sydney is not a weight loss technique and the patient should anticipate realistic and not dramatic transforms in look.

Trim down Your Fat Abdominal Area with Tummy Tuck

A mini Abdominoplasty is an austerely invasive procedure with a quicker recovery time than any other type of related surgeries. It is most suitable for those who are not happy with the way their abdominal area looks (i.e. the accused bulge or sag is minor and not a product of extreme weight loss). As the mini tummy tuck surgery produces small scar, therefore the bigger incisions and scars related with other surgical procedures are prevented with this procedure. Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck can be suitably complemented with liposuction Sydney.

Another option that seeks to keep away from major noticeable scarring is the mini-tuck Abdominoplasty. It is normally performed when a patient has mild to temperate bulging as well as mild to moderate unwarranted skin at the lower portion of the abdomen. This process is less invasive than traditional surgical techniques, and for many patients it turns out to be a good substitute. Consisting of a probable combination of liposuction, contraction of muscles, and skin elimination, it can be tailored to address those concerns not extensive enough for a full Abdominoplasty but that are more engaged than liposuction. Though the name implies that the surgery is smaller, it is without doubt a surgery, and extensive recuperation time should be anticipated.

More technical than the two formerly discussed choices, the high-lateral tension tummy tuck sydney focuses more on the frontal thigh region of the abdomen and permit liposuction to be assertively preformed. This technique is a possible consideration for those who are looking for a more contoured appearance or perhaps a more distinct waistline.

An extensive or full tummy tuck sydney is most likely the alternative sought by those who have underwent extensive weight loss. Target areas are both in the lower and upper abdomen, and it is likely that the process will engage an umbilicus transposition---the patient may get a new belly button. Many times a bariatric patient who has attained goaled weight loss will have considerable skin excess and he will be referred to a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck discussion. Pregnancies that engage more than average weight gain, such as higher-order multiple pregnancies can consequence in the kind of skin overage that can be remedied by this tummy tuck procedure.

In spite of the option that a patient chooses, it is recommended that the candidate must have a healthy weight because losing a considerable amount of weight after an Abdominoplasty sydney contradicts the surgery, as new surplus skin will occur. In addition, newly taut skin may be unable hold a pregnancy, and potential candidates will be advised to stay away from pregnancy. This sensitively and morally charged issue should be discussed before making a final decision. As with any cosmetic surgery sydney, there are hazards involved, and all cosmetic doctor's instructions should be adhered meticulously before, during, and after the tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty.

Rhinoplasty - Right Technique for a Perfect Nose

After going through the hitches of finding the ideal cosmetic clinic or cosmetic doctor in sydney, and after having the stress of balancing your cash to fit the rhinoplasty operation there is still one apprehension that you would possess. It is that all your nose job Sydney should bring desired results. You may use various tools and parameters to verify if you have indeed attained that specific look that you have been looking for.

Before you start reading on, be conscious that these tips are to be done before the method itself. Otherwise following the steps would be useless.

You can begin the process by taking a photo of your nose in different angles. You should also take a photo of the craving form of nose to your Sydney cosmetic doctor. Is it really required? You might ask. Take note that under Rhinoplasty, you are like inquiring a person making a custom-made instrument. You can ensure that you get the desired result from nose job. It is a good idea to compare the before and after Rhinoplasty nose shape.

Another way to find out if you are getting the exact result that you want from your nose job sydney is to take video footages of your nose from all different angles. Do not get me wrong, photos are nice and they work, however, not at all times can a photo be complete. With a video camera, you can see for yourself the way that your nose job is going to come out in various angles.

Lastly, to make sure that you have certainly undergone a rhinoplasty sydney, visit a cosmetic clinic in Sydney, Parramatta or chatswood and have your nose surgery by specialist plastic surgeon, he will evaluate new pictures of your nose with the older ones. Do take note, this point is asked to follow not to give you a view of how your nose is supposed to look like in the eyes of other people. It is proposed to make sure that your nose has certainly undergone transformation and has come up with a beautiful shaped nose.

Remove Unwanted Fat through Advanced Lipo Technique

Liposuction is one of the widely popular plastic surgery techniques in today’s world. This advanced procedure is appropriate for removal of fat from areas such as the arms, face, knees, hips, back, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. It also offers advanced skin tightening. The process is normally carried out under local anesthesia in Sydney plastic surgery.

Before Liposuction Surgery

Before Lipo is carried out, measurements such as height, circumference of the engaged areas and weight, pulse rate, blood pressure, and preoperative patient history, including medications such as antibiotics, other medications and painkillers is recorded. The surgical process begins with cleaning the area with a sterilizer solution and a small opening is made close to the area to be operated. The Lipo hand piece is inserted through this incision, and afterward a cannula for fat aspiration. Accurately directed ultrasound produced energy of a high frequency is applied to the treatment region, melting the fat; the heat created causes the skin to tighten and shrink. The fat clusters are thus pre-treated using latest liposuction technology in sydney, permitting for gentle fat aspiration. The procedure is designed to reduce bruising, pain, and swelling. It is the precisely controlled heat that promotes the soft tissues and skin to tighten and contract.

Advantages of Liposuction

Liposuction Sydney is an elegant way to get rid of fat swiftly, easily and securely. It is just what you need when work out, dieting, and all other weight loss techniques fail. Given below are some of the benefits of Lipo:

• substantial skin contraction
• correct temperature control
• consistency of contours
• simply invasive
• negligible surgical trauma
• proficient body contouring

After Lipo, you will find a noticeable body recontouring and firming result. The moderate heating above body temperature will lead to considerable skin tightening regularly with soft tissue tightening that can be as much as 40%. Swelling, bruising and numbness progressively fade away over a short period of time. Patients are generally able to get back to work within a couple of days. However, patient should abstain from strenuous physical activity for a week after undergoing liposuction Sydney.

Choosing the Right Doctor

Now that you know what to anticipate from liposuction, the next step is finding the best Sydney plastic surgeon to execute the procedure for you. In order to find an appropriate plastic surgeon, type a search query with location in your favored search engines - Google, Yahoo, or any other. Compare the qualifications, expertise, practice, and overall experience of different sydney plastic surgeons. If you know some patients who have been treated by the best cosmetic doctor , try to get in touch with them to find out how their experience was. The best cosmetic Dr Sydney you choose should be one who has thorough understanding of all aspects of Liposuction method.

Reinstate Your Waistline with Abdominoplasty

The abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is an unbelievable cosmetic enhancement that reinstates the waistline of many who have lost the hope of ever flattening their abdominal area. This article outlines few items of interest concerning the procedure. It is a must read if you are considering tummy tuck in Sydney.

1. It’s not just liposuction

An abdominoplasty involves much more than just sculpting through the use of liposuction, though it is not out of the query for lipo to sometimes be used. The main section of the procedure that makes it so effectual and transforming is the muscle tightening action the cosmetic doctor creates. Tummy Muscles that are stretched out and unproductive are pulled and stitched together to come out in a flatter, firmer, and tighter abdominal region. The results are remarkable. Surplus skin and tissue is also removed as a part of the tummy tuck operation.

2. There are variations

For patients whose muscles are stiff, but their 'spare tire' is preventing them from achieving their ideal waistline, mini tummy tuck is offered. This procedure is much like the full abdominoplasty, but does not include the muscle manipulation. Instead, liposuction is used to carve the area and slack skin and excess tissue is removed to firm the area mainly below the navel.

3. It’s not for everyone

Patients who have not had children or experienced considerable weight gain and its successive loss may not need a true abdominoplasty. For those whose skin and underlying muscles are normally tight and firm, liposuction alone may be the more fitting option for addressing any immovable bulging areas in the midsection of the abdomen.

4. Recovery can be lengthy

A full tummy tuck can take weeks to recuperate from, and recovery can be painful and tricky. Anyone who has done widespread abdominal exercises knows how any movement can have an effect on the area when it is sore. Proper care must be taken to make sure your plastic surgeon's recovery plan is strictly followed. For mini tummy tuck in Sydney, recuperation is not as long or as tough, mainly since the muscles were not involved.

5. Results can reverse

Due to the fact that the plastic surgery results can turn around, it is significant to take your lifestyle into consideration proceeding to committing to surgery. If you were likely to vary in your weight any notable amount, you will need to become harder working in maintaining a stable and steady weight range. In addition, it is strongly recommended to wait until you are done having children to have a tummy tuck. However, by following the above guidelines, your end results can be satisfactory. For further information on an abdominoplasty in Sydney, get in touch with your Sydney plastic surgeon today and schedule a consultation.

Increase the Size of Your Breasts with Breast Enlargement Surgery

Many women aren't really satisfied with the size of their breasts. Those who have flat chest tend to find ways on how they can make them look larger hence making them more attractive. Boob Job or breast enhancement surgery is one of the most commonly operative surgeries in Sydney that are normally used these days in order to give women an increased size of their breasts.

Women prefer the breast enlargement surgery to achieve bigger breasts. This is the quickest method and the results are very quick and obvious. Under this boob job procedure, the cosmetic doctor will place implants in the breasts. There are two types of implants that are commonly used to increase the size of the boobs. One is silicone gel boobs implants and the other is saline boobs implants.

Silicone gel implants are composed entirely of silicone gel. Silicone is a material that provides necessary elasticity to the breasts. Though once commonly used, today the use of PIP silicone gel breast implants is banned. This is because clinical tests have shown that it has higher rate of implants rupture and that is industrial silicone as oppose to medical grading silicon has been used in manufacturing them.

With the PIP French silicone gel implants coming under fire, the Brazilian, European and American silicone breast implants are the ones that are being widely used nowadays for breast enlargement. These breast implants also contain a silicone shell and they are filled inside with high quality and medically graded silicone that is harmless to the human body.

Boob Implants are designed in two basic shapes. The round boob implants in Sydney are the much too common ones. However, the more popular ones are the teardrop shaped breast ones. The teardrop shaped breast implants perfectly complement the natural shape of the breasts. But they are more expensive than the round implants in Sydney.

The cosmetic surgeon makes an incision at the base of the breast in order to insert the boobs implants. Then the implant is very carefully placed between the muscles of the pectoral girdle and the overlying adipose layers of the breast. A great deal of skill in required in producing the best boob job in Sydney. Any mistake could lead to the breasts becoming asymmetrical, and it could be difficult to repair the situation.

Recovery for a breast enlargement boob job procedure is not so difficult as long as the prescription and recommendations of the surgeon are strictly followed. The post operation pain and discomfort is not so bad, however it may take few weeks before the swelling goes down. Light normal daily activities may be resumed just a week or two after the breast enlargement surgery. Straining or carrying of heavy objects may need to be postponed for several weeks to be sure that the incisions or sutures do not reopen in the boobs job recovery.

Contact a board-certified plastic surgeon in chatswood, sydney, or parramatta today to learn if boob job is right for you. In order to determine if it adequately fits your plastic surgery needs, you should be able to review your expectations and the potential side effects.

Improve the Shape of Your Breasts with boob lift

Shape of Your Breasts with boob lift
Breast lift also known as boob lift or boob job is a surgical procedure to enhance the shape of sagging breasts. Sagging and miss positioned breasts can have numerous causes. The loss of skin elasticity from aging or a natural consequence of gravity acting against large breasts may be to blame. Breastfeeding has also been known to negatively affect breast shape and position after the milk has dried up. Still others suffer through the condition merely from their genetics letting them be born that way. Regardless of the original source, a boob lift is a great solution to these problems. The breasts are lifted and reshaped under this specialized surgical procedure. Women who are bothered by having areolas that are too large, the breast lift sydney and boob job can also reduce the size of the areola.

Those who seek this type of breast surgery in sydney should have good overall health and are emotionally well-balanced. Even if you are happy with the overall appearance of your breasts, a lift may help improve the contours of your figure after massive weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Your surgeon will want to discuss your entire medical history and current medication list at your initial consultation.

Breast uplift surgery Sydney may be full or modified, depending on the existing breast shape, amount of sagging, and results desired. Full breast uplift uses an inverted T (or anchor) incision at the base of the breast. If the areola has been increased due to stretching or sagging over the years, the overall size of it may be reduced. In contrast, modified breast lift boob lift techniques use fewer and smaller incisions, resulting in less scarring.

After the boob lift surgery, your cosmetic doctor may advise you to avoid strenuous physical or sexual activity during the recovery period. Wounds should heal within a couple of weeks and scarring will fade over the next several months. Although these symptoms should subside within a couple of weeks, a certain amount of pain, redness, bruising, and swelling is expected with breast uplift surgery. If pain or swelling increases or if you notice new redness, be sure to notify your doctor immediately. These could be signs of infection and should be treated immediately with antibiotics.

Contact a board certified plastic surgeon in Sydney if you are considering breast lift or boob lift surgery. The plastic surgeon should be able to address any questions or concerns that you may have in regards the boob lift or boobs job. In order to get the most desirable results out of your cosmetic procedure they will also outline pre- and post-operative instructions. Testimonials from previous patients may also help you make a decision about which Sydney plastic surgeon to trust with this invasive and delicate boob lift or boob job procedure.

Ear Pinning – A Great Way to get Rid of Prominent Ears

Prominent ear Sydney can cause a child to be the subject of ridicule and shame. Fortunately, there is ear surgery that can correct this problem. This is called ear pinning or otoplasty in Sydney. It is a cosmetic surgery designed to alter the appearance and prominence of the person's ears. There are several versions of the ear surgery, each of them with different ends. Some choose to have the procedure done to reduce the size of the ear, some to bring the ears closer to the sides of the head. Though the ear plastic surgery procedure is performed on adults, it is actually one of the most common forms of surgery for children. Some in Sydney have even compared the procedure to having braces.

It is suggested that ear pinning should be performed when a child is between the ages of four and fourteen. Around the age of four the ear reaches its full size and shape. The sooner the surgery is performed the less painful it will be for the child.

Otoplasty Sydney is also getting popular among adults. The ear surgery is comparatively simple and the aesthetic benefits can boost self-esteem, self-confidence and many more life altering changes.

It is essential that the expectations for the results of ear pinning should be practical. The ears will not be perfect or symmetric even after the surgery. Though, they will look more natural. Before moving forward with otoplasty surgery, a discussion with the cosmetic surgeon is a must. Whether the surgery is being considered for an adult or a child, it is recommended that a qualified plastic surgeon should perform the procedure in Sydney.

Otoplasty is a comparatively simple surgical procedure. The cosmetic surgeon makes a small incision at the back of ear which allows him/her to pull the ear closer to the head. Then stitches are used to hold the ear in the new position. Sometimes a piece of cartilage is also removed before the incision is closed. This allows the ear to be 'pinned' closer to the head depending on the expectations of the patient. The incision is so small that it is hidden in the fold between the ear and the back of the head.

A bandage is wrapped around the patients head after the surgery and remains there for a few days. The purpose of this dressing is to promote the best molding. Any pain that occurs can normally be controlled by medication that can be prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon sydney. Most adults are back to work in about five days and most children can return to school in about a week. It is essential to note that special care will need to be taken for about a month.

Most patients are thrilled with the results of their prominent ear correction surgery. Please keep in mind that the goal is not to make your ears absolutely perfect but to improve the shape so as to make it look as normal as possible. As long as your expectations are discussed with the surgeon prior to the procedure, it is quite likely that you will be pleased with your results if you have your ear surgery performed by Sydney cosmetic plastic surgeon.

Avail Liposuction - Fulfill Your Desire to Lose Excess Fat

Liposuction Sydney is a cosmetic surgery carried out in a hospital or an office in Sydney. In spite of its cosmetic purpose, patients are required to pursue the same basic preparative procedures as common surgery. This includes putting an end to certain medications such as birth control pills, aspirin, and ibuprofen. These and other medications can cause thickening or thinning of the blood and end result in complications at some stage in or after lipo. During discussion, the doctor will advise where other medications and nutritional supplements may also need to be discontinued. The patient is required to give up smoking at least three weeks before and three weeks after undergoing the cosmetic surgery.

The phrase, "smoking is bad" is possibly an understatement. We know that it is terrible for our health. We have heard that plethora of times. Yet, we do not quite accept it is as bad as experts say. However, knowing that our body must be clear of nicotine in order to have a perfect lipo procedure gives us motive to quit smoking.

Smoking exceedingly increases risks through surgery. The nicotine found in tobacco, nicotine patches, and nicotine gum decreases blood circulation, which can result in chest infection after injecting anesthesia. Inadequate blood circulation also influences the rate of recovery after surgery. In liposuction, surgical accomplishment depends upon the suppleness of the patient's skin. If the blood is not circulating well, then the skin loses its flexibility. Then during the recuperation process, the patient will be disappointed with the consequences. Instead of the tight and slim body they had imagined, they are left with wrinkled, loose-fitting skin.

Like all surgeries, lipo is an anxiety on the body. Common side effects of liposuction in Sydney include irregular body temperature, irregularities in the menstrual cycle, giddiness, swelling, and nausea. All these side effects can be linked to deprived blood quality and circulation. Poor blood quality can mean little quantity of oxygen distributed all through the body resulting in the aforementioned side effects.

As liposuction is a surgical procedure, hence patients need time to recover. The length of recovery period can vary with patients according to their pre-surgical physical state. It also varies according to the quantity of fat and fluids removed during lipo treatment. A non-smoking patient can look forward to a much shorter recuperation period than that of a regular smoker.

Bring Perfection to Your Looks with Right Nose Job

perfect nose job
Rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the oldest forms of cosmetic surgeries that were ever performed on human beings. Men and women in Sydney are using this surgical alternative to change/modify the shape of their noses in order to enhance facial beauty. As you know, an overly prominent nose draws too much attention. A beautifully looking and well shaped nose not only attracts praise from the opposite sex but also enhances the confidence level of the person.

A survey suggests around 40% men and women are distressed about the overall shape of their noses, requesting an alteration because of unhappiness with the size of a dorsal hump in the middle of the nose or a drooping nose. While nose job procedure in Sydney for men and women are reasonably similar, the main difference is that males are advised to wait a bit longer to guarantee their features are mature before electing for a surgical intervention. The female face is considered done growing at approximately seventeen while men are recommended to put off surgery until they are at least twenty.

Modern rhinoplasty engages more than just taking out tissue to reduce the size of a person's nose. A suitably done nose job needs to be done by a cosmetic surgeon who is sure about the post surgery looks of the nose. He should also be able to infer if the modified look of nose will fit well with patient's other facial parts.

In order to get the best overall result in appearance; male rhinoplasty patients may be recommended to udergo other cosmetic alterations such as a chin implant or a full facelift along with the longing nose job.

Computer imaging is frequently used in pre-surgery consultations by Sydney plastic surgeons to assist patients understand what alterations might happen through a rhinoplasty operation. In this way, patients get to see resulting outcomes before actually going under knife. The consultation process permits the patient to understand the resulting image thus enabling them to remain in positive frame of mind.

It is also the duty of Sydney plastic surgeon to convey possible risks and side effects of nose job procedures such as infection, swelling, bruising, possible visible scarring, nerve injury, broken capillaries, redundant bleeding, and complications with anesthesia. Advice should also be provided to the patient as to how the patient and the physician can work as a team to achieve best possible outcome.

If the patient is fit for the surgical procedure and agrees with the surgery plan, then the nose job can be done quite smoothly. Nose job surgery in Sydney is performed under local or general anesthesia depending upon the exact need of the patient. The whole surgery may take within one to three hours depending upon the actual complications involved in a particular case.

Many male rhinoplasty patients suffer negligible pain after the surgery. If they follow the post surgery instructions obediently then they should be back to their customary schedules even after a few days. Post surgery swelling should fade away within about three weeks time. Patients living in Chatswood, Parramatta, Sydney or Strathfield should consult their local cosmetic surgeon and nose job specialist.