Face Lift - Plastic Surgery

Natural Soft face lift is an advanced aesthetic treatment regime that uses your personal fat or hyaluronic acid, which restores tissue in order to replenish volume and produce a lift.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck is an innovative plastic surgery procedure that is designed to eliminate surplus fat and skin on the stomach.


Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure, which creates a stiffer and more defined abdomen area by removing excess skins around the abdominal area. Apart from removing the fat, it adjusts and stiffens the walls of the abdomen.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation should look natural, feel real and have a natural shape. Unlike the obvious boob job where it's easy to tell a woman has had surgery. Australia Plastic Surgery Sydney Group is one of the best in this business.

Breast Implants - Breast Enlargement

Breast implants is to balance the shape of the breast, raise the volume of the breast to enlarge the cup size and more importantly improve a woman's self-image.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Give Your Face a Balanced Look with Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, alternatively known as nose job Sydney, is a surgical procedure which is often carried out to give proper shape and size to the nose. This is one of the widely practiced cosmetic surgeries across the globe. Nose is one of most prominent features in one’s face. Thus, an unshaped and uneven nose can be give a proper shape and size with the help of Rhinoplasty.

Nose Job Sydney works as a procedure for reshaping the outline of the nose. Hence, through this cosmetic surgical procedure, nose size enhancement, bridging the tip of the nose, giving proper proportions to angles of the nose can be done. This procedure also helps in overcoming certain breathing problems. Overall, it helps in enhancing the facial beauty of an individual.

Certain considerations should be made, when someone opts for nose job. It is considered that the ideal age for both boys and girls to undergo this procedure is 15 years. The cost of this surgical process varies depending upon shape to be given to the nose.

There are two types of rhinoplasty surgery. The first type is known as closed procedure and the second type is open procedure. Under the closed procedure, incisions are made inside the patient’s nose. This procedure results in minimal visible scars. However, the surgeon should be highly experienced in the field of nasal anatomy to carry out this process with precision. Surgeons generally make incisions on upper or on the outside area of the nose under the second type of nose job in Sydney. Visible scars are usually found under the open procedure. The pain experienced during this surgery can be reduced with mild medication of analgesics.

In order to achieve great result, plan your rhinoplasty surgery well, so that you get the best result out of it. You should communicate clearly to your nose doctor your expectation from the surgery. After evaluating structure of your nose and face, the surgeon may put forth different options before you. Discuss each possibility with your cosmetic Dr in detail. There are several factors that may affect the results. The most important ones are cutting to be done on your face, the nasal bone structure and structure of the cartilage, your skin type, and your age. Your expectation is another important factor that may influence the procedure and its outcome.

Mastopexy – An Ideal Solution for Sagging Breasts

A breast lift also known as boob lift is a procedure chosen by women who want to change the shape their sagging breasts. This is a surgical procedure that attempts to reconstruct the younger appearance of the breasts that most women enjoy in their younger ages.

Breast lift Sydney comes in different forms, ranging from simply incisive to ultra-invasive. However, the purpose of every lift is to enhance the aesthetics of the breasts by improving the position of the breast mound, firming the underlying tissue and raising the nipple position. On the whole, these changes lead to a higher, more youthful looking and feeling breast which is pleasing to the eye and hand.

Typical full breast lift is normally performed using an anchor incision. This is actually a set of three incisions which completely re-sculpt the breast mound. This technique is known for being able to create huge changes in breast placement, appearance and feel, but does so at the expense of sometimes noticeable scarring. A popular and more enlightened technique is the vertical minimal scar boob lift, which eliminates the large and noticeable inframammary incision from the full lift. Modified breast lifts come in even less invasive varieties, such as the Benelli breast lift or the least intrusive crescent breast lift.

Breast lift Sydney may be performed as an individual procedure or might be combined with breast augmentation for a total breast rejuvenation surgery. Using breast implants to enhance the lift technique is ideal for women who have lost a significant amount of natural tissue after breastfeeding or women who simply want bigger and anatomically lifted breasts. The best part about a combined breast uplift operation is the surgical synergy enjoyed by the breast doctor and patient. Incisions can be used for both procedures and anesthetic and operative risks can be shared; which is always preferred, when compared to two individual surgeries.

Deciding on the best breast uplift procedure for you is a matter of individual tastes and circumstances. The size and general condition of your breasts will help your cosmetic surgeon to recommend the best technique to meet your needs and expectations. It is vital to consider all your options cautiously so that you understand exactly what you are undergoing and what you should expect from the surgery. Most important of all, you should choose your surgeon very cautiously, since no single factor will influence your final surgical results more than your choice of doctor. A breast lift Sydney can make a huge positive change in any woman's life, if planned and executed with forethought and understanding. The physical change might be the most visible;however the psycho-emotional effects will certainly be the most valuable.

Get Rid of Saggy Breasts through Mastopexy

Saggy Breasts
When the breasts are drooping, saggy or pendulous but not very large, an implant cannot lift them up; there is an ideal surgical procedure for this and that is called mastopexy or breast lift. The sagging of breast generally occurs due to pregnancy, alternative weight gain and loss, or due to normal aging process. The breasts often lose their shape and firmness and begin to sink when the skin and muscles lose their elasticity.

Breast lift Sydney is a surgical procedure that can bring back firmness of the breasts, and correct its position on the chest wall without increasing or reducing the size of the breasts. The operation involves a rearrangement of the soft tissue, removal of the nipple position and increasing firmness by tightening the skin covering.

Under boob lift procedure, extra sagging skin is removed in a very sophisticated manner as the reshaping and lifting of the breasts takes place. The incisions are made in such a manner that these are normally hidden under the natural folds and creases around the breasts. This makes the resulting scars more difficult to notice. The nipple/areola nerve connections are cautiously protected and preserved. The complexes are restored from their hanging-like locations at the bottom of the breasts to their rightful, centered positions. Although there are several types of breast lift Sydney procedures, the one most commonly performed is the anchor type procedure that directs all the lifting from the bottom up. Many patients also comment that they feel as if they have implants after this breast surgery because the reshaping has improved their contours to such a lovely degree.

During the boob uplift Sydney procedure, the breast size can also be minimized, and can be made more symmetrical.This procedure is commonly performed in conjunction with breast augmentation (implants) to increase breast firmness and size. This may appeal to women who have lost breast volume after pregnancy. Pregnancy and nursing often result in stretched skin and therefore decreased volume. If you are planning a future pregnancy, it is advisable to postpone your breast uplift as pregnancy will cause further stretching.

Normal breast surgery Sydney is seldom performed in a hospital, but more often is performed in an outpatient facility. Breast lifts are usually performed under general anesthesia.The surgery normally takes between one to three hours.The recovery from the surgery is pretty quick. A week or so is sufficient to resume normal activities. Typically, mostly absorbable sutures are used and the patient has to wear a special bra after the surgery to firmly support the breasts.One needs to avoid lifting anything over one’s head for 3-4 weeks and must avoid strenuous sports for a month.

Choose Abdominoplastyfor Slimmer and Firmer Waist

Nobody likes to walk around with a flabby belly that makes you look ugly. Abdominal fat or belly fat is the most difficult fat to lose out for various reasons. Slow metabolism is the first causefor development of this fat. The rate of metabolism decreases with age, and the result is putting extra weight around the abdomen area. Lack of exercises, menopause, stress, poor posture, alcoholism and improper diet etc are some other reasons for excessive fat deposit.

There are several ways to get rid of this excess fat around the abdomen area. Exercising and dieting are two of the most common procedures that are followed to remove the excess fat. However, for individuals who suffer from obesity and fail to lose fat through either of the procedures, for them the next best alternative is abdominoplasty Sydney. This procedure is also commonly referred to as tummy tuck. This procedure is performed to create a flatter, smoother, and firmer looking for the abdominal region. This is achieved through the removal of excess skin, body fat, and the tightening of the abdominal muscles. There are several different types of abdominoplasty, including the traditional, the endoscopic, the circumferential, the extended, and the mini or partial. Most of these procedures are performed under general anesthesia;however some of the less invasive types are performed under local anesthesia in conjunction with sedatives.

Always remember that, tummy tuck in Sydney is not a natural alternative for losing weight and it should only be opted in cases where exercises and dieting regimes have failed. Obese people, who lose large amount of weight, tend to have loose and sagging skin around their abdomen area. Tummy tuck procedure in Sydney is recommended for such type of people. Likewise,for women who have loose abdominal skin due to multiple pregnancies can also be recommended to undergo this process. However, women who wish to have further pregnancies should avoid this procedure. The person who wants to undergothis procedure should be physically healthy and should be able to deal with post surgical scarring. The individual, who wants to undergo this procedure, should discuss the pros and cons of this surgical procedure with the plastic surgeon.

An abdominoplasty surgery should leave you with a smoother, flatter, firmer abdominal region, which is the major objective of this procedure. Excess skin and fat are removed and the abdominal muscles get tightened, which results in the loss of several inches around your mid-section. In addition, many people who have undergone this procedure happily report that it can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks in the abdomen, particularly those below the navel area. People once plagued by belly flab usually become much more self-confident about the appearance of their bodies following this procedure. It is important that you avoid significant weight gain to maintain the appearance of your abdomen. In order to prolong the benefits of your abdominoplasty,maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle is a must at the post surgery period.

Avail Breast Implants Sydney to Achieve the Perfect Size

Is boob job Sydney really something that you need? It is not an easy decision to make and, one should ask for recommendation from a specialist surgeon for breast implants Sydney. There is no guarantee that bigger breasts will make you look more beautiful. It is commonly observed that most women are not satisfied with smaller breast implants. It is best to talk with family members, partner and friends; if someone is going for a breast implants surgery.

You need to clearly define your objectives or goals; if you want to opt for this type of surgery. Most women with smaller breasts feel insufficient. If you are one of such type then you must discuss your problems and apprehensions with a therapist. You need to ensure that the boobs surgery is the best possible solution. It is better if you made up your mind on the right size in order to avoid surgical risks. If you are satisfied with the size, then future surgeries can be avoided.

You should take photos of your present boobs and the breast sizes that you want to accomplish. Since the physiology of every person's body is different, only a boobs doctor can tell if you should undergo a boob job or not! Two things can happen while undergoing breast implants Sydney. One is to have a natural look and the other one is to get a counterfeit look. The natural look is when the natural slant of the breasts is maintained. This size will go well with your body.

The counterfeit look is usually the one that is extremely large for the body and that is absolutely round-shaped. The preferences of women tend to be different from one to another. Another thing to consider is the surgical risks involved with the procedure. With larger boob implants, there are possible risks like bottoming out and other obstacles. The desire to have bigger breast implants might be influenced by your current lifestyle and peer group pressure. For instance, bigger breasts may not look good to you, if you are an athlete or if you are working as a yoga instructor.

The aspired boob job size entirely depends on one’s personal choice. The clothes you wear can also influence the way your breasts appear. For instance, larger breasts will look smaller if you wear over sized clothes. You can even masquerade your true size by wearing form-fitting clothes. It would be best if you wear button-ups, V-necks, and heavy knits to draw attention to the breasts. Most women with flat chests will be keen on to get bigger breast implants Sydney. Purchasing the right sized bra is also essential. Your breasts may become wider after you undergo larger breast implants and thus you will require a larger cup size.

Having a boob job in Sydney is not only a hard decision but it also involves a high price. You have to look around in order to find the best deals. Always keep in mind that bigger is not always better. You have to take the call judiciously considering all different factors. I wish you all the good luck!