Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Get a Slimmer and Tighter Abdomen withTummy Tuck Sydney

Tummy tuck in Sydney is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to remove loose hanging abdominal skin, as well as to tighten weakened abdominal wall muscles. Because diet and exercise cannot fix these problems, several men and women undergo this surgery every year, in order to regain their figure and abdominal strength.

Tummy tuck Sydney re-establishes the strength and integrity of the abdominal wall by repairing the separation and stretching of the two rectus muscles. These muscles are the two major abdominal wall muscles that are normally held together over the front of the abdomen in order to give it strength and tightness.

There are many different forms of tummy tuck surgery. When you meet your Sydney cosmetic surgeon, you must discuss with them exactly what you would like to achieve through this surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon can determine exactly what form of surgery is right for you after listening to your appearance goals.

Tummy tuck Sydney is done by a certified plastic surgeon. It is generally an outpatient procedure, which means it does not require staying at the hospital post surgery. Most often it can be performed in cosmetic surgery clinics under general anesthesia.

The procedure begins by opening up the stomach area and separating the skin from the bones and muscles it is attached to. The skin is then tightened to the desired look and the excess patch is removed. If excess fat will be removed this is done before cutting away skin. If a belly button is needed to be replaced then that is done as one of the last steps during the procedure. Once your belly button is positioned correctly, the Sydney cosmetic surgeon will remove the excess fat via liposuction. He then repositions the skin he has had lifted. Drains are placed to draw off excess fluids that build up during the surgical treatment. Bandages are placed around the area. The incision is usually made near the pelvic area to help minimize visual scarring.

Recovery time is usually one to three weeks. Bruising, swelling and pain might prevail at the stomach area during the first few days. Scars can take up to six months to disappear.There are few risks involved with this surgical procedure, however most of them can be avoided by careful selection of a surgeon and following the cosmetic doctor’s pieces of advises.

One of the most important aspects of a tummy tuck Sydney is to remember that it is a sculpting procedure not a weight loss procedure. This should only be considered as an option when diet and exercise fail to produce desired results.


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